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Приемная коммиссия

Прием документов в 5 класс на 2018/2019 уч.г. окончен.


Администрация МПЛ объявляет набор учащихся в 7 классы МПЛ на 2018/2019 уч.г.  по следующим направлениям:

·        7 класс с углублённым изучением математики, предпрофильным изучением физики (ФМП);

·        7 класс с углублённым изучением математики, предпрофильным изучением  информатики (ИТП);

·        7 класс с предпрофильным изучением математики, обществознания (СЭП);

·        7 класс с предпрофильным изучением химии, биологии (ХБП).

Справки по телефону 45 73 56 (Елена Игоревна, ответственный секретарь приемной комиссии).

Choosing the Right POS Device for a Store Business

There seems to be infinite retail point of sale (POS) system possibilities. Most retail shop and restaurant owners don't know where to start when it comes to choosing one system over another. The decision can be made easier with a lot of research and an accurate assessment of business needs. There are primarily five major points for business owners to consider before deciding on a POS system. Taking these points into consideration will help a business narrow the field of possibilities.

The five major points to consider are:

Is the system easy to use?

Does it provide detailed sales reports?

Does it have data security?

Is it future proof?

Is the system simple priced?

These are all questions retail shop owners should be asking themselves, especially those who've heard the line "pos system cost." A POS system is essential in running a retail business, thus it should be easy to use. It must be easy to setup and use with an intuitive interface that processes transactions quickly. Training employees to use these systems should also take minutes.

All POS systems do not have the same systems for sales reporting, and many leave a lot to be desired. Retail shop owners should be looking for systems that generate detailed sales reports. They should identify the best selling items and top returns, measure the effectiveness of pricing, and record margins. POS systems should also help store owners allocate floor space and adjust staffing by tracking sales by item, department, and hour.

Safety and security are important in all aspects of business, especially where financial matters are concerned. It is perhaps the most important factor in choosing a point of sale system. Recently, hackers forced the issue of data security to the forefront of business. Businesses should be using for POS systems that keep transactions secure by encrypting them and not storing credit information. Additionally, businesses should choose a cloud-based POS system, as they not vulnerable to malware and viruses.

Technology seems to change every minute, so having a point of sale system that won't become obsolete in the near future makes perfect sense. Currently, there are two trends in POS systems: Cloud-based retail software and mobile payments. A future-proof POS system will have a platform that can accommodate mobile integration. These cloud-based systems don't require upgrades and are more secure than client-server ones. Constant "free" updates ensure that the system is never without current security requirements and features. Mobile payments are the wave of the future and slated to take over credit card payments in the future.

Historically, the point of sale option is an expensive addition to a retail business. In the past, they cost thousands of dollars with additional payments for on-site service and hardware. Now, there is a SaaS (software as a service) plan that makes the systems affordable for small business owners. This system generally offers a "pay-as-you-go" plan without a contract. Business owners just have to look for companies that offer transparent pricing.