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Домашнее задание для 5Г (10.12) Мананкова М.Г.

Подготовиться к контрольной работе

Задание 1. Составь из букв прилагательные и запиши их. Переведи на русский язык:
E. g. lpayulf – playful – игривый
iwse – _________ – ___________
ringca – _________ – ___________
sbutbron – __________ – ___________

Задание-2. Заполни пропуски следующими словами: its, we, his, him, her
• That’s Mike and that’s _______ sister.
• Peter ‘s got a sister. ______ name is Lucy.
• ______ are twins. Our eyes are the same.
• Look at the cat! ____ ears are so funny!
• This is Ben’s book. Give it to _______!

Задание-3. Выбери правильный ответ для каждого пропуска. Обведи нужную букву (a, b или с):
1. ______ sister and I love comedy films
a) Mine b) My c) We
2. My sister’s name is Becky and my ________ names are Eric and Dave.
a)Brothers b) brother’s c) brothers’
3. “What is she like?” She is _________________
a) tall b) proud c) fat
4. _________ lots of friends at school.
a) I’ve b) I got c) I’ve got
5. I love your magazine. _____ fantastic!
a) He’s b) It’s c) They’re


Задание-2. Прочитай текст и заполни таблицу.
Paul Smith is thirty-two. He is a musician. He lives in Seattle, USA.
Paul lives in a big, comfortable flat with his wife, Marta and their two daughters, Anna and Alice.
Marta is twenty-eight. She is a teacher. Anna and Alice are seven. They are twins. They go to school every day from 9 am to 2 pm.
Paul is handsome. He is tall and plump with short dark hair and grey eyes. Everybody likes him because he is clever and friendly and a very caring father.
In his free time Paul likes reading books and watching comedies. He doesn’t like working in the garden .He thinks it is tiring.

NAME ________________________________________________________
AGE __________________________________________________________
OCCUPATION (работа) _________________________________________
FAMILY MEMBERS______________________________________________

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